Monday, January 12, 2009

Moved! Please Update Your Links

This time I didn't talk myself out of it.
I've been posting on 4 different blogs:

  • Blogging My Books - for my books and reading
  • Stuff I Made - for my crochet and knitting projects
  • Occasional Other Stuff - for, well, other stuff
  • Pirate Bendy - for pure fun and giggles
I've considered combining and reducing my blogs and have always managed to talk myself out of it for various reasons. This time I didn't. Pirate Bendy will remain a separate blog simply because he's too unique to share his blog address.

As of today I have combined the other three blogs into one for everything other that pirate adventures.

Please update your links and feed readers.

The new blog is called "Whimpulsive" because it's one of my very favorite non words. The address is

See you at the new site,